Maine couple wins $8 million lottery prize

Tri-State Megabucks

Some people might find it downright surprising that someone who recently won almost $8 million in lottery, has no intention of indulging in extravagances. A lucky couple from Maine is now $4,148,922 richer as the husband and wife chose the lump payment therefore the total amount they’ve won was decreased significantly. Even after taxation and after the lottery took its share, Linda and Bob Von Oesen can afford to fulfill any of their dreams, but the only thing they intend to buy is a new snowblower.

Grounded good people from Maine

This is exactly how the director of the state lottery characterized the two winners, adding that over his 2 1/2 year career he had the pleasure of meeting similar winners. These two were particularly concerned to improve the quality of life for their cocker spaniel, which will be the main beneficiary of the new snowblower. Abby will find it easier to get around the property this upcoming winter, and it appears like the lucky winners are more than happy to make this the only immediate investment.

Linda Von Oesen works in the Friendly’s restaurant in Waterville and has no intention of quitting, because she finds the atmosphere and colleagues extraordinary. Her husband is a retiree, so his life will not change dramatically either, although they will have it easier to choose a good family car. This investment was planned earlier this year and it’s most unlikely that the lucky couple will choose a much more expensive car simply because they have more money now.

Little traveling in sight

When the reporters didn’t manage to get the desired answers regarding spectacular acquisitions, they’ve asked the winning couple whether they plan to travel instead. Bob Von Oesen said that he had his fair share of traveling while he was in service and since his wife is not a big fan of flying, they will probably stick to the four wheels and travel mostly nationwide. They said that in the absence of any unfulfilled dreams from their childhood, they will make little adjustments to their life despite winning so much cash.

The ones that will probably enjoy his money more will be their children and their grandchildren, for whom the winners have already set up a trust fund. They took the lottery representatives’ advice to seek professional help with managing their newfound wealth and said that will use the money to help their family.

Linda also intends to make a donation to the Fairfield United Methodist Church which she regularly attends, as this is the first significant lottery win despite playing every week for 13 years. The sum won by the Oesen couple is the third largest in the history of Tri-State Megabucks game that includes New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.


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