Man posts fake Powerball lottery ticket to Facebook

Powerball lottery ticket

After all the hype created around the Powerball draw it was only natural for people across the nation, to follow the events with great interest. While most players limit themselves to purchasing tickets and hoping for their numbers to be matched, others go to great lengths to draw some attention. Since there is no better place for those craving for attention than Facebook, this was the place where the user named Nolan Daniels chose to showcase his Photoshop skills.

The hoax rocked the social network

It is still not certain what convinced the user to create this prank, but what is certain is the fact that he posted a photo of himself while holding a Powerball ticket. A closer look would reveal the fact that the ticket had indeed the lucky numbers inscribed on it, but what gave it away was the fact that the numbers were not in the right sequence. A regular lottery ticket has the numbers listed in numerical order, something that Mr. Daniels was not aware of, therefore he failed to counterfeit the ticket properly.

He had no hesitations in advertising the Photoshopped ticket as the winning one, and it made wild claims that he won’t work for a single day in his life. Furthermore, he tried to convince Facebook users that he will award $1 million to a random person who shared his photo. The results are easy to predict, and in a relatively short period of time, no less than half a million users rushed to share the image. Eventually, lottery officials intervened and clarified things, by explaining that the ticket is not genuine and in fact Nolan’s Photoshop skills were mediocre at best.

The Powerball jackpot was finally won

It took players 1 1/2 months to finally win the largest jackpot ever awarded by the Powerball lottery, but the wait was well worth it. Two lucky winners from Missouri and Arizona will share a price that exceeds $500 million, and unlike Nolan Daniels neither of these two players will ever have to work a day. The winner from Missouri already stepped forward to claim his prize, but until now the other lucky player from Arizona chose not to reveal his identity.

There are some rumors about the second winner, although Powerball has yet to confirm them and the leaked videos are just as unreliable as the images posted by Mr. Daniels. If nobody would’ve matched the winning numbers on Wednesday, this Saturday the jackpot would’ve come dangerously close to $600 million. The next Wednesday, Powerball players would have been competing for a jackpot larger than the record Mega Millions prize but now they need to wait for the next opportunity. Given the fact that a ticket now costs two dollars instead of one, it is only a matter of time until a new record will be set.


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