Man sues colleagues for $99 million Mega Million jackpot

Mega Million jackpot

A man in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against his colleagues claiming he is entitled to a share of the $99 million jackpot that his colleagues had won in a Mega Million draw which took place on August 5th this year.

Edward Hairston (39) of Youngstown, Ohio has filed an appeal in the court of law, claiming his share of the $99 million jackpot that 22 of his colleagues had won in a Mega Million draw last month. His claim is that he was part of the lottery pool that won this jackpot. Hairston is an employee of the KraftMaid Company in Middlefield. His claim is that he along with his other friends has been contributing $5 for the last eight years into a lottery pool every month. But he failed to do so for the last three months because he was down with a back injury & that is why he was not awarded his share of the winnings when the group won the Mega Million jackpot on Aug 5.

When he went to claim his share he was told by the other group members that since he missed the last three month’s payment he was kicked out of the group by the other members. While according to Howard Mishkind, Hairston’s lawyer, the policy of the group for years had been to cover colleagues who were unable to make monthly payments because of illness, vacation or other reasons.

His claim is that he be awarded his share of $2 million since he is very much a part of that lottery pool. Hairston has already had a partial victory since the judge presiding over the case has ordered the Ohio Lottery Commission to keep aside $2 million until this case is resolved.


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