Manitoba celebrates its latest Western Max lottery winners

Western Max lottery

Jeremiah Courchene and Winola Canard don’t match the profile of savvy lottery players, but this doesn’t matter now when they became Manitoba’s newest millionaires. The game that made them rich is the Western Max lottery, which was introduced earlier this year and has been gaining traction ever since. The lucky couple decided to give this new lottery a try and purchase some tickets, while shopping at the Wal-Mart Good to Go on Empress Street. This inspired move resulted in a prize of $1 million and the return on investment is terrific given the fact that they spent no more than nine dollars.

Five months of Western Max lottery

Back in March when the regional lottery game was introduced, the number of people who knew about its existence was relatively low. Five months later, the popularity of the game is on the rise but now that the Sagkeeng couple became millionaires as a result of playing this lottery, its popularity will surge. The two winners traveled to Winnipeg to cash in the check and enjoyed a lot of media attention, which will ultimately draw even more attention to this fully fledged lottery.

The standard price for a Western Max ticket is three dollars and with the $9 Max Pack, players receive three selections and compete in two distinct draws. Given the fact that the winners were not playing the lottery frequently, they completely forgot about the draw and only checked the numbers a few days after. They decided to check the tickets at a lottery retailer and they initially assumed that the prize they were about to collect was $1000. The clerk was not too sure either, which only prolonged the suspense but this is what made the pleasant surprise truly great.

Consistent plans for Western Max lottery winners

Although they can’t be included in the group of regular lottery players, it looks like Canard and Courchene have the same priorities as most winners. The first on the list is the acquisition of a house in their local community and they even plan on starting their own cooking business. The two of them told the media that they might help out some of the neighbors and members of the community who truly require financial assistance, but wouldn’t elaborate on this subject.

Among the short-term plans is to take their nephew to Disneyland and maybe take a short vacation for themselves afterwards. They need some time off and they like the idea of not being in the spotlight for a while, something that won’t happen in Sagkeeng. Although three more people won Western Max lottery prizes in the past, the largest amount was only $10,000. The record is held by Kirby and Marie Fontaine who won a massive jackpot of $50 million four years ago when playing the Lotto Max.

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