Massachusetts Millionaire Mania jackpot triggered by a fortune cookie

Massachusetts Millionaire Mania

Sometimes one lucky thing leads to the other and for the recent Massachusetts Millionaire Mania jackpot winner, this rings particularly true. William Johnson decided one day to take his wife out for the dinner, and while they were casually enjoying their meal, he opened up a fortune cookie. To be perfectly honest, these sweet little things have encouraging messages most of the time and lottery winnings are frequently forecasted. What makes this case special is that after reading his message stating that he was in for a sizable profit, William decided to act and bought a scratch card the very next day.

Still a big surprise for the winner

One might suspect that by reading the message forecasting the imminent win, William Johnson would be less surprised, if surprised at all. This is not even remotely true, because the winner took the message just seriously enough to buy a scratch card ticket for the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania. He told the media that the fortune cookie simply reminded him that maybe it is time to play the lottery as it’s been quite a while since he made a similar attempt. He was well aware of the fact that the odds were stacked against him and this was nothing more than his way of putting luck to the test without having high expectations.

Acting on instinct was the right thing to do in this case, because the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch card granted him passage to the club of millionaires. To say that the evening he chose to go out for dinner was a fortunate one would be an understatement, because everything when his way that particular day. Perhaps if the message from the fortune cookie would’ve read differently, William wouldn’t have bought a lottery ticket.

The future looks bright for Mr. Johnson

This event that keeps the headlines of newspapers these days should be misinterpreted by lottery players or fortune cookie enthusiasts. Instead of rushing to conclusions and assuming that these tasty cookies can predict the future, people should draw very different lesson and try something new every now and then. By taking a leap of faith with the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch card, Mr. Johnson won $1 million and will receive roughly $650,000 after taxes.

The store who sold him the ticket, namely the Colonial News in Feeding Hills will also bask in his glory and share a bit of his good fortune as the lottery will award it a bonus of $10,000. Now William Johnson needs to decide what to spend the money on, with most winners choosing to replace aging cars or invest in real estate. There is still plenty of money to be won in the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania lottery, with officials claiming that two jackpots worth $3 million each and three of $1 million are up for grabs.

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