Meet the latest Missouri Lottery millionaires

Missouri Lottery millionaires

Missouri Lottery made new millionaires this weekend, and this time it was a lucky Dexter couple that won the big prize. Amanda Richardson and Michael Magarian were the ones who had the inspiration of picking the winning numbers and they were rewarded with a check of $2 million on Monday. Amanda is only 20 and expecting a baby, while Michael Magarian is 45 and the two of them plan on getting married.

Three tickets, one huge payout

The lucky couple is playing the Missouri Lottery regularly and this time they decided to buy three tickets, just a couple of minutes before the draw took place. On their way home, they stopped at On the Go, 402 E. Business Highway 60 to make sure they don’t miss out on the chance to become millionaires. That decision made on June 5 will change their lives forever, because $2 million is a sizable amount that is bound to make an impact. Despite playing the lottery fairly often, the two of them never won an important amount and they didn’t set their expectations too high ahead of the draw.

That’s why they didn’t check the numbers right after the draw and they didn’t even think about watching the event live. The next day, when they finally took a look at the Missouri Lottery ticket, Amanda realizes that they matched all six numbers and let her future husband know about the good fortune. What frequently happens in these situations is that the one told about the winnings assumes that it is some kind of joke. That’s exactly what happened to Mr. Magarian but after taking a look at the ticket, he realized that they are the latest millionaires in Missouri.

All wedding expenses covered

$2 million can fix many problems and it goes without saying that the lucky couple won’t have to worry about how to raise enough money for covering wedding expenses. In fact, Richardson and Magarian told the media that only a fraction of the money would be used for the aforementioned purpose, with a sizable amount to be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Obviously, they intend to pay all their bills and any debts that they might still have, before splashing out.

There is nothing fancy at the horizon for the couple who won the Missouri lottery, but one thing that they intend to do is to take a trip to Walt Disney world. With a baby on the way, they need to plan their actions carefully and make sure that all of their decisions are in the best interest of the child. For the time being they informed lottery officials that they plan on receiving a one-time lump payment instead of the annuity. The ones who sold the winning ticket will also receive a $5000 reward from the Missouri Lottery.

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