Meet the Luckiest Dog on Earth – Anonymous Canine Wins $3 Million Lottery Jackpot!

Anonymous Canine Wins $3 Million Lottery Jackpot!

It’s a dog’s life, they say, but many exceptions prove the saying wrong. The latest in a series of fortunate canines is an anonymous pup from Florida. Have you been trying to win the lottery jackpot for years? If so, the following piece of news will probably be a bit depressing for you – the mentioned pup has actually won a three million dollar jackpot!

We kid you not!

Bill Kelly loves his dog so much that he decided to buy the pup a lottery ticket for Christmas. Not only that, the ticket was actually a winning one. The only unfair part of the whole ordeal is that the dog isn’t getting the money. Bill is! Bill hasn’t even shared the name of the lucky winner with the media.

Bill Kelly, aged 58, bought the scratch off ticket as something to place in anonymous pup’s Christmas stocking. The ticket happened to be a winner and Bill decided to get the money as a lump sum of 2.35 million dollars. Yep, those taxes ate away at Buddy’s jackpot (we prefer to give the winner a name, it all sounds a bit soulless otherwise. If you don’t like Buddy, call him Max).

Actually, Other Lucky Dogs Exist on Earth, as Well!

Buddy’s story is impressive (oh quit it, we like the name) but it certainly isn’t something unique. Meet Me-Li – the psychic shih-tzu. Yes, you read that correctly, she’s a furry psychic that has the power to guess lottery numbers.

Me-Li is so skilled that after guessing six out of six numbers in a Megabucks drawing, her owners won 400,000 dollars. Hmm, sounds a bit like dog exploitation unless Me-Li got all of the dog biscuits that she could eat in a lifetime.

According to the owners, Me-Li loves watching television but she gets particularly excited during lottery drawings. One day, Me-Li’s human family members decided to cut out squares of paper, each one featuring a lottery number. A doggy treat was placed on each square and Me-Li was encouraged to choose the ones she wanted. This was repeated numerous times until Me-Li learned to pick six numbers without doggy treat support. That’s how the owners ended up with the winning range of numbers.

We can’t Skip the Luckiest Cat on Earth

Winning the lottery isn’t just a dog thing. Cats have got the power, as well. The cat we’re going to speak about right now is actually the luckiest one of all the four-legged creatures presented in this article.

Conway Kitty and Randall Rush live alone and Randall doesn’t have any human family. One day, the pair decided to buy a lottery ticket just because.

Soon after, while going out to buy food for Conway Kitty, Randall remembered the ticket and decided to check whether it had won anything. To his surprise, the worker at Hertz Equipment Rental (former worker now) found out that he and Conway Kitty had hit a 50-million dollar lottery jackpot.

The two lucky winners happen to be quite modest and Randall still remembers how he was about to go homeless at the tender age of 26. They plan on using most of the money to help out friends and a portion will be dedicated to charity. Conway Kitty will most definitely enjoy a splurge, as well.

So, dear friend, if you haven’t won yet and you happen to be a pet owner, consider testing the luck of your four-legged friend (or you lizard, tarantula, fish or snake). Sometimes, pets happen to be a bit more intuitive than us and who knows – this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all your life. Just promise to buy Rocky a comfy new bed, gourmet pet food and a playmate. Your pet deserves it!


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