Mega Millions this week $55,000,000

Mega Millions

Mega Millions, the multi-state lottery has 42 participating states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands. The next draw for $55 million is set for Friday, the day after thanksgiving, but what about the previous draw, how did it go? The draw on Tuesday 22nd November did not see any jackpot winner. The winning Mega Millions numbers were 04-16-23-33-48. The mega ball number was 38 and the Megaplier was number 2. The rolling jackpot on Tuesday was $47 million for the first five numbers with the Megaball. They first five numbers would have got you a brilliant $250,000.

While the jackpot did not see any winners on Tuesday, there were four lucky winners for the second place. The 5+0 match saw four winners, one each from California, Illinois, Massachusetts and West Virginia. The overall chances of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in 40 while that stays steep, there are tons of chances to will the second draw. And what’s more the prizes for 4+1 is also pretty impressive. Last Tuesday saw thirty three people winning $10,000 each! Brilliant isn’t it?

The first of November this year say Charles Hairston of Paso Robles, CA wins the $78 million jackpot. And there were two winning tickets in September, on the 30th. A whooping $113 million was the giveaway price to the Jones family of Greenville, NC and a group of 6 people from LA. With such amazing chances of winning the Mega Millions everyone should take a chance.


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