Mega Millions lottery player is $35 million richer now

Mega Millions lottery

The Mega Millions still hold the record for the highest jackpot ever awarded, but lately everybody was talking about the two lucky winners who won the Powerball main prize. It is time for things to return to normal and no news is better than one talking about a lucky player from California who won the $35 million jackpot on Friday. His lucky numbers were 11, 28, 33, 41, 43 with the Megaplier number being X 4 and the Mega Ball 41.

Christmas came early for California winner

The identity of the most recent Mega Millions winner is still secret and there is a good chance for the player to choose to remain anonymous. It is not only a safer way of handling the situation, but also a more convenient one for those who don’t want to become the center of attention. The media have already started the hunt and there are some speculations about whom the winner might be, but lottery officials haven’t released any information that might clarify the mystery.

What is certain is that the $35 million jackpot was won in December 14 and the ticket was bought at the Eddies Liquor Jr Market on Clark Ave, California. Helpful as this information might seem, it is not enough for helping investigators find a winner and it is entirely up to him to simplify or complicate matters. All these millions will surely make this Christmas the best ever, if the winner decides to come forward and claim his prize before the holidays.

One important decision to make

The Mega Millions winner won’t probably have to work a single day in his life and even though most of the problems troubling him will vanish, there still is one significant decision to make. He or she will have to decide whether to take the lump payment or the annuity, which consists of 26 identical amounts. The first option might sound a bit more exciting, but this choice implies the loss of 8 million before taxes, as the amount transferred to the winner’s account will be of only $26.7 million.

It is not an easy choice, but statistics tell us that the overwhelming majority of winners prefers to sacrifice a couple of millions, just to receive the full amount right away. In this particular case, the winner might have an additional reason for doing so, as the fiscal cliff is around the corner and it poses a unique challenge for lottery winners. If the authorities don’t reach an agreement and the taxes are increased by default, the jackpot will also be subject to significantly higher taxes, therefore a lot of money will be lost.


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