Mega-Sena New Years Event Draw

Mega Sena

Welcome 2012 Along With The Mega-Sena New Years Event Draw!

Enjoy Christmas has an exclusive jackpot upon New Year’s night! What better way to start 2012 than with a US $93 Million Jackpot lottery win?

The Mega-Sena DA Virada is actually a Brazilian lottery event which is presented only once in a year on New Years Eve.
The typical Mega-Sena jackpot is improved enormously just for this day so gamers will likely be challenging to win very huge prizes experienced in south America!
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The former Mega-Sena Da Virada lotto jackpot had been won by four fortunate lottery gamers who divided the award – each lotto winner took home $25 million dollars! is delighted to declare that they’re currently presenting lottery entries into this particular unique lottery event. Ticket buying to the Mega-Sena Da Virada is currently exposed! Lottery participants may have till New Years Eve to have their numbers added to the site. You can buy your own lottery tickets from the specific Mega-Sena Da Virada engage site for similar price like a typical Mega-Sena lottery entry.


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