The million dollar lotto winner turns out to be multi-millionaire’s son

Million dollar lottery winner

The 25 year old man from Virginia who won the Mega Million jackpot in August is reportedly the son of a multi-millionaire businessman. Brian McCarthy, who won the $107 million Mega Million Jackpot, is the son of Robert McCarthy, the President of Marriott hotel chains. Robert McCarthy himself draws an annual salary of around $1.2 million.

When he won the jackpot in August, Brian McCarthy only referred to himself as a manager in Pepsi. But now it has been confirmed in media reports that he belongs to a multi-millionaire family.

Winning the jackpot was sheer luck for McCarthy as he is not a regular lottery player. He purchased the ticket out of whim when he was withdrawing money from an ATM inside a grocery store in Herndon, Virginia. McCarthy took a lump sum amount of $68.4 million instead of the full $107 million over 26 installments.

It has also been heard that he celebrated his win with a grilled cheese sandwich, which his grandmother made for him after she heard the news of him winning the jackpot.

McCarthy has donated about $50,000 to charity from his lottery winnings. For the rest of the money he has purchased a BMW M3 & now he is planning to go on a golf trip to Ireland.


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