Millionaire Raffle winner plans to open music venue

Millionaire raffle winner

On December 25, Millionaire Raffle made 25 new millionaires and one of the winners has a very clear plan about what to do with his newfound wealth. The Dubstep music fan intends to open the first venue in Middlesbrough to play this kind of music and he is already on a search for the ideal location. It is not something that many winners do immediately after scooping the jackpot, with the overwhelming majority focusing mostly on booking exotic trips or acquiring expensive properties.

A man with a plan

Most lottery winners are wandering aimlessly after winning the jackpot, because the surprise is so great that it virtually paralyzes them. It is not uncommon for young winners to splash out on expensive cars, while older people are the ones that remain grounded and make long-term investments. For Andrew Garth, opening a music venue that will play exclusively Dubstep is like hitting two birds with one stone.

On one hand, he is an avid fan of this music and owning such a place will provide him with the rare opportunity of hosting extraordinary events. There is no such place in Middlesbrough yet and since he doesn’t expect anyone else to make the first step, it makes perfect sense for him to use a portion of the £1 million to open one. It has the potential of becoming a lucrative venture, because this music genre is gaining traction and the number of fans willing to pay for tickets and attend such events is growing.

The best birthday present

The EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle was held on December 25 but Andrew only found out about his good fortune the next day. This was the day when he turned 29, and it is only safe to assume that winning the jackpot is the best birthday present he ever received. For many, people Boxing Day is one of the days that they look forward to, but for Mr. Garth this could well be the day that changed his life forever.

Although he never expected to win the lottery or to have access to this kind of money, Andrew never gave up on his plan of opening a Dubstep music venue. It is now time to start prospecting and with enough money to pretty much buy or rent any space, the sky is the limit for the young investor. In addition to the fact that there is no such club dedicated exclusively to Dubstep, Andrew has good reasons to be optimistic about his good fortune. He knows the business inside out and his enthusiasm is his greatest asset, so with a bit of luck this project could soon grow out of proportion and turn into a steady source of income.


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