Nail Technician Wins the Powerball Jackpot for a Nerve Racking $228.4 Million! WTF?!

Powerball jackpot

Vinh Nguyen Wins the Powerball Jackpot

Okay, seriously, who knew, right? If I had known that the Lady Luck loves nail technicians, I wouldn’t have even bothered looking at other careers in my life! But, I’m happy for the guy! Vinh, who was regularly buying lottery tickets for the last five years from the tips he received, bought the winning Powerball jackpot ticket from a San Mateo store. According to the lottery officials, the crowned victor spent $30 on 15 Powerball tickets at the Dehoff’s Key Market at 500 S. Norfolk St. in San Mateo, for the Wednesday night draw. Those who think that you must pick “special” numbers, well take this – Nguyen picked ‘random’ numbers! Hah! That proves one thing – it doesn’t matter how you pick your numbers – what matters is the fact that whether they’re winning numbers or not. As for Nguyen, he only picked numbers that came to his head and voila!

From A Nail Technician to a Multimillionaire – Vinh Nguyen

When he found out that he had won the Powerball jackpot, he was shocked – he initially refused to believe it! Then on Thursday a shocked Nguyen went to the lottery’s Hayward District office with his winning ticket to claim his fortune. He decided to claim the full amount of a whopping $228,467,735 (paid out over 30 years) that he won from the blessed Powerball jackpot. The one question that rings in every mind – what will he do with all that money? Well, he hasn’t yet decided! He’s got 30 years to decide! What we know from the conversation is that Nguyen would like to be treated as a ‘normal man’.

What about the lottery curse? What if things change? You know, with a great amount of money comes a great deal of expenditure so we wouldn’t be surprised if Nguyen decides to stock up on expensive cars and gifts, we’ll find out! On the other hand, we’ve got the retailers Jack and Nancy Dehoff, who sold the winning ticket – they will be getting a solid $1 million bonus! When asked what they planned to do with the money they said, “We don’t have final plans yet for the money. We have all kinds of improvements for the stores that we are always working on and we are discussing other things. This is a nice windfall since the margins in our business are so thin.”

Maybe I should be a retailer instead…


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