National Lottery News – Late comer misses the prize

National Lottery

The statement ‘better late than never’ doesn’t always hold true and definitely not in the case of the National Lottery. National Lottery News highlighted the story of an unidentified lottery player in South Lanarkshire who won a whopping 1 million pound on his lottery ticket but failed to claim it before the deadline. The National lottery states that the winners have a window period of 180 days to collect their prize money failing which they lose claim over it. A spokesman confirmed with National Lottery News that the prize money along with the interest that it had earned in six months would now directly be utilized under the Good Causes scheme.

Insiders from the National Lottery said that they could not find out the winner and he lost a huge sum of money due to his carelessness. The winner had won the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize on 8th October and the deadline was 8th April. National Lottery News urges all the players to check their tickets to avoid such a loss. Looking at the situation in a more optimistic way a spokesman from the National Lottery said that there still happens to be one winner of all that wealth and that is the Nation.


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