National Lottery News – Lottery funds an art

National Lottery news

National Lottery News recently brought the story of Jim Ledwith into focus. Jim and his wife were sitting at a pub 30 years ago when they witnessed a group of people wearing masks perform an ancient tradition called ‘mumming’. Jim told National Lottery news that being a townie he was unaware of this art wherein the mummers performed folk plays in public. He got so fascinated by it that he started advocating Mumming as a Program Coordinator at Ireland’s Mummers Foundation.

The National Lottery news confirmed the fact that the National Lottery had recently funded the ‘Art of Mumming’ project so as to revive and preserve this tradition among the youth. Due to the funding by the National Lottery Jim and his team have been able to widen their influence and revive many other events like midsummer bonfires and May flower gathering. National lottery News threw more light on the ‘Art of mumming’ project by putting forth their efforts in teaching students the history of mumming and conducting workshops for them. National Lottery therefore considers the funding of ancient art and traditions vital so as to keep them alive for the succeeding generations.


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