National Lottery News – Lottery grants boost youth

Lottery grants

The youth of Rye area is benefiting immensely from the grants sanctioned to them by the National Lottery, reported the National Lottery News. The money is being used to open a ‘Media Hub’ for youth who aren’t receiving a conventional education. This will enable them to develop communication skills and self-confidence needed for any media field. This project is called the ‘Young Pioneers project’ and is being funded 9,572 pounds by the National Lottery. It is their mission to raise funds from lotteries on behalf of the Government for noble causes.

The total amount raised from the National Lottery was established is 3.4 billion Euros and this has been a huge landmark in the history of National Lottery cited National Lottery News. For all these years the National Lottery has funded projects in the spheres of Youth, Sports, Health, Arts and National Cultural Heritage. All the funds that are raised are transferred to the Exchequer from where various departments of the Government use them for expenditure on projects of various categories. The National Lottery News has rightly said that each time a person plays the National lottery he is indirectly making his contribution to the welfare of local communities in Ireland.


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