Next Mega Millions Jackpot $100,000,000

Mega Millions

There have been absolutely no winners in the last Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday, December. 6.
The lotto jackpot for the following drawing on Friday, December. 9 is $100, 000, 000.
Based on the Mega Millions Internet site, there have been Ten winners that matched up just about 5 numbers the right way, however didn’t grab the Mega Ball.
The 5 winners are coming from California, Indiana, Kentucky, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. These people bring home $250,000 each.
You can find 9 strategies to win a reward, from $2 to the lotto jackpot. In the event that nobody wins the jackpot, the prize is put into the lotto jackpot of the upcoming drawing. All round odds of winning any prize are 1 out of 40.
Good Luck!


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