No winner for this week’s of USA Powerball draw

US Powerball Winners

The Powerball numbers were revealed on Wednesday night, but not a single lottery ticket matched all 5 Powerball numbers. This Saturday night had made a draw for a jackpot worth $ 105 million. This has been one of the highest seen in the recent past. The cash option value for this jackpot was whooping $ 65.7 million.

Although, there has been no first place winner for this week’s USA Powerball Lottery, there was a player from New Jersey who has won himself the second prize. This prize is worth $ 200,000. The player was able to match only the 5 numbers, but not the Powerball numbers. With this win, the Men’s Health magazine has also conducted a study of which state is deemed to be the luckiest all over the United States. The study was conducted according to the results seen in Mega Millions, Powerball as well as Publishers Clearing House. The winners would have to be the ones who have matched the most numbers over the recent years in race betting and lottery tickets.

The survey has shown San Diego as the top most state on the list where most winners have originated. New Jersey is also one of the states that have been in the bottom of the list along with Newark. There $ 1.1 million jackpot was on recently from a New Jersey Cash 5 drawing recently, on a Sunday. This was one of the rare exceptions. As for this week’s Powerball, there has been no first place winner for the Saturday jackpot either.

Check out the US Powerball latest lottery results , we hope you hit the winning numbers next time.


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