One more lucky $1M lottery winner

Lottery winner

Atlantic 49 doesn’t enjoy the same popularity of major lotteries such as the Powerball or Mega Millions, but it still makes millionaires on a weekly basis. Those who are regularly buying tickets are more than happy with the amounts offered as jackpots, and whenever someone wins the main prize the community rejoices. The latest lottery winner is a Boiestown man who matched all the numbers in Saturday’s draw and has already picked up his money.

Lottery winner makes short-term plans

The best proof that you don’t need a lot of money to fulfill your dreams is that Jean-Yves Doiron made some plans that do not actually require $1 million. All he needed was an impulse to start pursuing these dreams, and there is no better moment to embark on such a quest than after becoming a millionaire. The lottery winner said that one of the first things on the list of priorities is to go on a caribou hunt in Québec with his friends. This is something that he has postponed for too long due to lack of time and money, but now neither of these are of the essence.

Being a lottery winner didn’t change his agenda but to enable him to actually translate his old plans into reality. Jean-Yves Doiron said that he prepared a list of things that he intended to do many years ago, but he was about to accept the fact that most of them won’t actually happen. Buying a travel trailer and a red truck are two of the acquisitions that he is contemplating, and with $1 million in his pocket there is nothing preventing him from purchasing both vehicles. For this lottery winner, fast and expensive cars are not on the list, which makes him an exception.

A peaceful retirement is guaranteed

It was his wife Barbara who first learned about the good fortune, as he was accompanying him to the local store on the Sunday following the draw. Upon seeing the look on his face, she didn’t realize that her husband was now a lucky lottery winner, because that image brought back scary memories. She confessed that the last time she saw her husband like that was more than 15 years ago, when he barely escaped after being chased by a bear.

While the look on his face was a bit misleading, it is all well when it ends well and in this case this was the awed look of a lottery winner. After Jean-Yves Doiron returns from his caribou hunt with the friends, he and his wife intend to renovate their house and add a solarium and the garage. A part of the money will be invested in their children’s future, while the rest should be enough for ensuring a peaceful retirement.


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