Online Lottery Going Mobile

Vodacom has decided to make thing more comfortable to mobile users who like engaging themselves in the games of have made playing most National lottery games possible by use of the mobile phone. The service was launched on Wednesday. His service will allow millions of potential player to purchase lottery tickets using their headset or through their personal computer across all networks

Access to these tickets will now be fast because there will be the elimination of trips to the purchasing stores.

The long queues found at these places will end. Lately, the mobile companies manufacturers are introducing new features in the mobile sectors that tend to eliminate the pervious ways of doing things

This makes movement of thing easier and without encountering any delays. “Potential clients will be able to join in national lotteries from anywhere even at their residential places. The players record about the games will be recorded and always be safe. Therefore of losing the tickets will be eliminated” Prins Mhlanga. (Managing Director Vodacom)

According to him when a player decides to subscribe to the game, his/her electronic wallet will be created online. It must have a minimum deposit of R20 which can be wired through electronic money transfer.

Claiming of the lottery won’t need a lot of effort. This is because the prize will be directly credited to the players account.

Players will be notified through the sms (short messages service) on how the games are proceeding.

This was services was made possible by three companies agreed on a partnership so that these service can be launched


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