Oscar gambling. At last!

Oscar gambling

There are very few things that people wouldn’t bet on, and as long as the odds are high and good money can be won, pretty much any event is suitable. Betting on movies is not exactly customary, but every time the Oscar ceremony draws near, people are making predictions about who the winners might be. Until recently, they were limited to smaller wagers between friends, but now Atlantic Lottery takes Oscar gambling to a whole new level.

Both profitable and entertaining

Atlantic Lottery made the first steps into this direction by offering those interested the opportunity of betting on Oscar winners. The vast majority of punters are regular people who don’t bet frequently, but find this opportunity as too good to miss. Since they are going to watch the ceremony anyway and most of them are familiar with the nominations, it makes perfect sense to make things interesting with a wager.

There is no risk of addiction, and most of the new players will probably never bet again until next year, when a new ceremony is held. The fact that Atlantic lottery is taking bets on the Oscars comes as a pleasant surprise, because this is the first regulated lottery in Canada to do so. There are other bookies who are making baby steps in this direction, but most of them don’t enjoy the same credibility as this operator. There is a good chance for this exception to become the rule one day, and betting on movies might gain enough traction to generate a special section in the bookmakers’ offer.

How much can be won?

The difference between betting and playing the lottery is that in the first case there is an indissoluble link between the amount invested and potential payouts. Unlike the lottery which provide you with the opportunity of winning big with just a couple of dollars spent, betting on the Oscars can trigger lower or higher payouts. It is not only the amount that you are wagering that matters but also the outcome that you bet on, with favorites paying less than underdogs.

This means that those who are risk-averse and only hope to have a good time while making a side bet, will probably back the favorites unless they have a movie or actor that they like a lot. On the other hand, there are profit hunting people who are willing to undertake research and take this betting venture seriously. Either way, it is great news that the bets can be made online at ProlineStadium.com and also at all Atlantic Lottery’s retail outlets. There are no limitations and with 24 different categories to bet on, it is very unlikely for players to run out of choices and be forced to bet on outcomes that they don’t believe it.


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