Oz Lotto: Four winners split $112 million

Oz Lotto

Tatts Lotteries aggressively advertised the fact that for the first time in Australia’s history, a lottery prize was in excess of $110 million. Last week the record for bought tickets was broken but despite this fact, nobody managed to indicate all seven numbers, hence the jackpot was turned over. Another $12 million were added to the prize pool, and in the end the biggest lottery ever held on the continent made four people filthy rich. Their identity is yet unknown, but a couple of facts have transpired in the media.

Lottery officials confirmed the fact that out of the four Oz Lotto ticket holders, two of them are from Victoria and the other two winners come from New South Wales and Queensland. Before taxation the total amount that each winner will receive will be exactly $27,993,037, although those who will opt in for the lump payment will also see a part of the prize vanishing. Statistics say that most lottery players who win a jackpot choose to cash in instead of the annuity payment, despite losing a consistent part as a result.

Triumph despite all odds

This week the winning numbers were 2, 7,6, 13, 15,29,43 and supplementals 20 and 21 which means that the winner had to correctly predict all seven numbers. In this context the odds don’t look terribly well, and mathematics tell us that the chances to secure the jackpot are one in 45 millions. Despite the unfavorable odds, four players from all over the nation triumphed and will share the highest jackpot ever to be won in Australia. The lottery prize surpassed the value of $100 million only once and this happened in 2009.

Back then two players shared the jackpot, which means that each of them took more than the four winners will enjoy after this draw. Nevertheless, it definitely feels good to win almost $30 million and break the record for the highest Australian jackpot ever. The players response to the huge jackpot was excellent, and just like three years ago when the prize pool was increased virtually overnight by roughly $16 million, this time plenty of millions were added as a result of players massively buying tickets.


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