Oz Lotto makes a new millionaire

Oz Lotto

Last week the most popular Australian lottery Oz Lotto made another millionaire, with one of their players scooping a prize worth $30 million. Despite their best efforts, the media couldn’t learn a great deal about his identity and lottery officials said that the lucky winner chose not to disclose any personal information. All that is known about him is the fact that history player is around 60 years old, and has some very interesting plans, now that he has joined the select club of millionaires.

Quitting a job is not the priority

The first thing on any lottery player’s mind, and all those who purchase tickets hoping that one day they might strike it lucky, is to quit their job as soon as they cash in their price. In fact, there are many more who resort to this action well before they see a penny, because they can’t stand the idea of going to work when they are sitting on a heap of money. The media made an educated guess when assuming that the Melbourne resident will enjoy a peaceful and untimely retirement, but this is not what he has in mind.

The winner confessed that there is a good chance for him to quit a job in a not so distant future, but this is not the main priority. He says that his colleagues are diligently working on an important project and given the fact that the deadlines are looming and there is plenty of work to be done, he won’t leave them in the lurch. Basically, he will keep going to work until the imminent obstacles are surpassed and then contemplate retirement. It is uncertain what kind of activity is so important that would determine a lottery winner to keep going to work, but it is certainly something meaningful.

Taking it one step at a time

There are plenty of things that can be done with $30 million, but the first on the list is the total elimination of the mortgage. The winner said that this issue kept lingering in his mind, and that’s why he sees the obliteration of the mortgage as of utmost importance. Once he will get the monkey off his back, he will have plenty of time to visit other countries and fascinating places worldwide. The winner describes himself as a keen traveler and said that as soon as the mortgage is paid and the work assignments are all successfully completed, he will book some trips overseas.

Among his plans is the acquisition of apartments all over the world, at least in those places that he intends to visit. Assuming that it is worth spending longer periods of time in these areas, it makes perfect sense to have a base of operations, instead of moving from one hotel to the other. Apartments no longer cost what they used to, and even if they did, $30 million would easily cover all that.

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