Panel vote Delays Indiana State Lottery Privatization Plans

Indiana State Lottery

Outsourcing the management of lottery games to professional lottery vendors has been a trend since the start of the year. Privatization is often the way to go to any lottery games that seeks to enhance its efficiency, increase its lottery revenues and have time to concentrate on its core responsibilities.

Unlike the Illinois state lottery that saw the smooth transition of the lottery game from state control to private hands, a panel vote passed yesterday could have the effect of delaying the transition. Citing wrangles occurring in the Illinois State Lottery Management, some members felt that it may be too early for privatizing the state lottery.

In light of the development, the panel saw fit that the decision on whether to privatize the games be postponed to October 3. The panel will use the period to analyze the lottery vendor proposals and hopefully come to an amicable agreement on whether the management of the Lottery games will be transferred to private hands.

Opponents to the privatization bid are critical of whether the privatization efforts brought forward by the Governor will be of much benefit to the state. They urged the state government to exercise a degree of caution and eliminate the chances of a flop in the lottery ticket revenues after the privatization.

The lucrative contract for privatization will be for a 10-year period. Lottery operators will a receive $1 bonus for each dollar that exceeds the revenue earnings by the state. Indiana lottery already outsources 85% of its lottery operations and if the privatization proposal sails through, the lottery will now be outsourcing 95% of its operations.



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