Pennsylvania considering private bids to manage lottery system

Pennsylvania lottery

The wind of change is blowing in Pennsylvania, where state officials plan on privatizing the local lottery in an attempt of increasing revenue. There are still many things to be decided, but the goal is to add online sales and keno to traditional lottery in the upcoming years. Gov. Tom Corbett is confident that despite the excellent results recorded by the state lotteries, under a private management the profits can be boosted. So far, the discussions with interested companies are secret and the officials have no intention of disclosing their names or even their number.

A Camelot inspired system

With the customer base quickly expanding due to the fact that elderly citizens are the ones who purchase most lottery tickets, the future is bright for Pennsylvania lottery. The companies that expressed their interest for running this venture acknowledged this reality and promise to further increase profits. What the officials hope is that by implementing a system that is very similar to the one existing in United Kingdom, everybody will reap the benefits. On one hand the government won’t have to deal with the issue of running the lottery, while citizens with enjoy higher prizes and better returns to the community.

Camelot has been doing this in England with success for more than a decade, and they have even expressed their interest in doing the same in the state of Pennsylvania. The UK-based company made a similar attempt in Illinois when the local lottery had a similar fate, but its offer was rejected. Their plan will come under scrutiny and if they manage to convince the audience about their intentions, Camelot could become the first foreign company to run a lottery in the United States.

Online games and keno are expected

Progress can be pursued in many ways and the authorities believe that by introducing online sales and keno, the new management will have an easier task of increasing profits. This is why they suggested those interested in taking over Pennsylvania’s lottery, to focus on these issues and come up with suggestions. For elderly players, bingo and keno are among their favorite games, so having the latter available alongside the already popular lotto game, would be a pleasant surprise

So far information is scarce and nobody is in possession off rock-solid facts to suggest which direction will be pursued and which companies have the first chance of winning the contest. The officials are frequently saying that they won’t settle for second best and will only consider those bids that are not only substantial but also socially responsible. The community is divided, and while some are confident in the ability of private management to boost sales, others are frightened by the idea of outsourcing.


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