Player finally scoops Euromillions Lottery jackpot prize

EuroMillions ticket holder

Lottery players worldwide have been abuzz with excitement around the Friday nights draw of the Euromillions jackpot that stood at £190 million.  The draw came hot on the heels of the midweek lotto which has had its jackpot won for the fourth time in a row.

The jackpot winner took home a little over £ 2 million with many other ticket holders winning consolation prizes for matching five of the winning numbers and the bonus ball while others matched the 5 lucky numbers only. This excitement sets the pace and mood for the Euromillions draw that could have seen the jackpot roll down.

However, on lucky ticket holder matched all five numbers and two lucky stars to take home the jackpot. As the Euromillions jackpot had reached the cap, a considerable amount of money had been rolled down to be shared among the second tier winners. This saw 14 lucky winners become millionaires by matching four of the winning numbers and one lucky star. Each winner took home slightly more than £2.5 million each.

And the good news just kept on coming.  Another 24 tickets matched 5 of the winning numbers to take home £ 66,975 while an additional 119 ticket holders took home £6,754 for matching four of the winning numbers and two lucky stars. Friday was definitely not a bad night for these players. This coming week will see the Euromillions jackpot start again. If the past week is anything to go by good things are in store for lottery players. So buy your ticket and stand by.


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