Police detective rumored to have won $8 million jackpot

$8 million jackpot

A police detective from Foxboro is alleged winner of a lottery jackpot worth $8 million and the entire community looks forward to see if the rumors are true. If they are confirmed, the police officer can safely contemplate retirement and maybe focus more on his career as a wrestling coach at Foxboro High School. Money will no longer be of any importance for him as the jackpot would easily cover all his expenses and allow him to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

The largest lottery jackpot ever to be won in Foxboro

It is easy to understand why the entire community if overwhelmed with unbridled enthusiasm, as the $8 million would be the largest jackpot ever to be won in the town. The fact that one of them might be the lucky winner makes thinks even better and it would be refreshing to know that he is also a respectable person. Police Detective Brian Gallagher is widely regarded as someone who made a significant contribution to Foxboro High School’s wrestling team and his career in the force was equally honorable.

The rumors state that Brian won a $10,000 A Week For Life scratch ticket on Friday night and he immediately learned about his good fortune. Lottery officials confirm the fact that as soon as the winner steps forward to collect his prize, his identity and details will be shared with the media. Until then, the one who sold him the lottery ticket says that she prefers to keep his identity secret, which is the right conduit for lottery employees. It is only a matter of time until the winner’s name will be revealed, but it definitely helps in setting things straight and prioritizing.

The rumors seem to be true

Assuming that Brian Gallagher is indeed the winner, he will have to choose between receiving the lump payment, which would strip him of roughly 30% or the annuity. If he chooses the first option, the federal taxes will set him back exactly 25% of the total amount while state taxes will subtract another 5%. The other option would be to choose the annuity and just as the name of the lottery suggests, receive $10,000 for the rest of his life.

Both prospects are tempting and the police officer needs to take some time off to think about the best course of action, something that he already did. The fact that Brian chose to take a day off seems to confirm the rumors that he is indeed the lucky winner of the jackpot. Furthermore, nobody was able to get in touch with him and the local media failed each time they tried to contact the police officer. The interest remains intact and unless the winner chooses to postpone the moment when he or she picks up the money, the identity will be revealed soon.

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