Feel the Freedom with POTTO – Play Lotto for Free!


Playing the lottery for free without purchasing tickets has been a dream for many years, but now with POTTO the Play Lotto for Free, it is a reality. The developers paid attention to what the audience was asking for and came up with an application that is available on mobile devices. Compatible with several operating systems, POTTO makes it possible to compete for tens of thousands of dollars for free.

If you are asking yourselves what is the catch, know that there is a prerequisite for playing the lottery for free with POTTO. Don’t be alarmed, because all that you need to do to compete for real money is to watch videos on your smart phone. It is as simple as that and in exchange of your time, the application will provide you with an opportunity to win big several times per month.

POTTO the Play Lotto for Free app was only recently released, so it is a bit early to come up with definitive conclusions. At the first glance, it seems to be an answer to lottery enthusiasts who are also penny wise and don’t like the idea of spending money on tickets. What is certain is that this application is genuine and there are no strings attached, so those who were worried about the prospect of stumbling upon another scam can put their worries to rest.

POTTO is presented by the developers as the world’s first free global lotto app and using it is extremely easy so don’t worry about a steep learning curve. It all begins with the players watching five videos and responding correctly to a couple of questions, to become eligible for lottery tickets. The next step is to select several numbers out of a total of 49 and submit a ticket, then patiently wait for the draw to take place. In order to increase their chances to win by receiving additional tickets, players can shed the app with their friends.

The Play Lotto for Free has established a stronghold online and it is active on social networks such as Facebook, with players being invited to check out the page and press the like button. The customer support is responsive and those who want to learn more about how to use POTTO should send an e-mail at support@potto.net. Moneywise, players should know that draws take place several times throughout the month, with Mondays being the days to keep a keen eye for live broadcasts.

The first draw was held at the beginning of the month and several players from South Korea scooped the fourth category prize worth $87, with another one from Israel winning the same amount. The jackpot was rolled over and this means that players are now competing for a sum that counts in tens of thousands of dollars. To put things into perspective, on July 22 the jackpot climbs to $27,000 and all this money can be won by a lucky player without investing a single cent.

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