Powerball 320million jackpot winner eagerly waited

Powerball Lotto

The winner of one of Powerball’s biggest jackpots in history is yet to come forward to claim their prize. The information that is out there though is clear that the ticket was purchased in Michigan’s town of Lapeer. The hottest topic is who might have bought the ticket and what they will do with the winnings. Since there are a number of people who pass through the town, everybody in lapper is hoping and praying against all odds that the winner is one of them.

With lottery winners now getting more conscious of how to spend and plan for the windfall, speculation is rife on what options the winner will take. The lottery allows you to either claim your prize as a lump sum after tax or have it paid in installments. Everyone says that it is easier to take the lump sum finish dealing with the tax man and invest your winnings wisely.

Whoever the Powerball lottery winner is, one thing is for sure they will not be able to keep their identity secret as the state does not allow lotto winners to remain anonymous. However, they have up to a year to come forward and claim their prize.

This means they will have more than enough time to get advice on their tax liabilities and some legal advice. Come Tuesday morning residents in Lapeer are hoping to see one of their own come forward to claim the prize. For all those lottery players out there happy playing and good luck.


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