Powerball Jackpot Now 170 Million Dollars

Powerball Jackpot

For any lottery player out there now is now the time to play the Powerball lottery. The Powerball lottery is hosting an impressive 170 million dollars as its jackpot. All you have to do is just a simple task…. Just match six of the winning numbers. For those lottery players confident that they will be made millionaires overnight it is up to you to purchase the $2 ticket.
The Saturday’s drawing was among the draws that are yet to deliver the winner. The “roll over” trend of the jackpot started on December 24 and has made the jackpot very juicy. The last winner of the Powerball was a couple from Maryland who went home with the massive 128 million dollars.
The winning Powerball number combination was 5-33-41-54-59 with the power ball being number 13. No lottery ticket matched all six numbers but there were three tickets that matched five of the numbers.
The three tickets were purchased in Missouri, New York and Kentucky. The three lucky winners will take home a payout of one million dollars thanks to the great changes in the Powerball guidelines. The outcome of the Saturday drawings makes the Powerball lottery stand at $170 million.
With this amazing roll over trend that the Powerball has, it is definitely the lottery to play.


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