Powerball Jackpot now amounts to $200 Million

The Powerball rolls over

The results of the February 1 Powerball lottery are out. The five winning numbers are 8, 13, 17, 34, 59 with the Powerball number being 35. None of the 911,314 Powerball players were lucky to hit the jackpot and hence the jackpot rolled over to amount to $200 million. In addition to lacking a jackpot winner, the drawing didn’t yield any power play winners.

The introduction of the changes to the Power play option seems not to have dampened the spirit of the Powerball players. The formats were by the Power play option multiplied the amount won by five is no longer in effect.

According to the new guidelines, each prize money follows a specific format on how it will increase under the power play option. In the case of the One million dollar prize, it will simply double to Two million dollars. The $10000 will quadruple to $40000. The $100 and the $7 price both doubles with $200 and $14 respectively whiles the $4 prize triples to $12.

Three Powerball winners were lucky to match five of the six drawn numbers. This excludes the two million dollar Powerball numbers. The winning tickets were purchased at from the Texas Lottery, Kentucky Lottery and Pennsylvania Lottery.

The drawing resulted in forty-one third tier winners who took home $10000. However, five of the third tier winners played it smart and gave out an extra dollar for the power play option. This smart move made their winnings sum up to a sweet $40000.

February 4 is the date for the next drawing. Powerball players will be playing for an annuity sum of $200 million or an on spot pay off amounting to $125 million. Definitely, this Powerball draw is worth playing Lottery for any lottery player. The sum of money involved will totally change the life of the next Powerball Jackpot winner.


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