Powerball lottery jackpot goes up to $76 million

Powerball lottery jackpot

Still no winners of the Powerball lottery jackpot. Once again, none of the tickets sold could match all the six drawn numbers to win the lucrative & famous Powerball jackpot. Once again the same story would repeat itself. Now there would be a rollover to the next draw. The amount that no one could win on Saturday’s draw would now roll over to Wednesday’s draw. The size of the lottery jackpot for the Wednesday’s draw would now be a whopping $76 million. The amount at stake on Saturday was $62 million.

But there were winners all right. One ticket could match the Powerplay number to win $1 million. This ticket was sold in North Carolina. Two tickets won $200,000 each by matching the five drawn numbers without the Powerball number. These two tickets are said to have been sold in New Jersey & North Carolina. 29 tickets won prizes by matching four out of five drawn numbers & the Powerball number. Apart from that, there were thousands of other tickets which won smaller prizes by matching other drawn numbers.

The numbers drawn at Saturday’s Powerball draw were 24, 28, 48, 50, & 54. The Powerball number was 25 & the Powerplay multiplier was 3.


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