Powerball lottery jackpot now exceeds $222 million

Powerball lottery

Every lottery player in the United States waited anxiously for the Saturday night drawing, knowing that the Powerball jackpot was inching closer to $200 million. The number of bought tickets soared but at the end of the day the main prize was rolled over once again, shifting excitement to Wednesday’s drawing. If players keep purchasing tickets at the same rate, it is only fair to assume that the lottery officials were accurate in their estimations and the Powerball jackpot will exceed $222 million.

10 consecutive draws without a winner

The odds of winning the Powerball are one in 176 millions, so it is not really surprising that every now and then nobody succeeds in matching the winning numbers in consecutive draws. This time the streak was extended to 10 and players hope that after five weeks of drought, one of them will emerge victorious and scoop one of the largest prizes in lottery history. Higher amounts have been won in Powerball lottery in the past but whenever the main prize exceeds $200 million the winner is entitled to expect to join the club of the richest lottery winners in history.

The current winless streak began on April 3 when the 40 million jackpot was rolled over for the first time and slowly climbed to the aforementioned value. Assuming that somebody wins it on Wednesday, they will have to decide whether to choose the annuity or settle for the lump payment which will translate into an amount revolving around $150 million. This is in fact the worst-case scenario and history tells us that official estimations are frequently exceeded due to the fact that more people than expected buy tickets.

Five new Powerball millionaires

The media and hardcore fans of the lottery might pay little attention to second tier prizes, but this doesn’t mean that the Powerball failed to make any millionaires at all. Five lucky ticket buyers joined the select club with California being the only state to award two prizes to its residents. This is great news for the state who recently joined the popular American lottery although far it didn’t fully adhere to Powerball rules. Its residents can’t take advantage of the Power Play option as these conflicts with California laws regulating the price structure, therefore it is not possible for them to double their second tier prizes.

Elsewhere, 65 lottery players scooped prizes worth $10,000 each and one in five were inspired enough to pay the additional dollar to activate the Power Play option. For third tier prizes, it increases the amounts four times turning the award into a substantial $40,000. Powerball players who are yet to check their numbers against the winning ones should know that the balls extracted on Saturday were 7, 12, 26, 36, 40 and the Powerball was 17.

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