Powerball Lottery Jackpot soars to $110 Million

Powerball jackpot

Playing the lottery is all about the numbers and those who purchase tickets are particularly interested in how high the jackpot is for the next draw. The Powerball is one of the lotteries that constantly awards the highest prizes, which is easy to explain given the fact that the odds are stacked against players. A regular draw would make the lucky winner a couple of millions richer, but this week the one who indicates all the six numbers correctly will take home more than $100 million.

110 million reasons to wait for Wednesday

People are usually looking forward for Friday, but Powerball players are anxiously waiting for Wednesday because this is the day that would probably make someone $110 million richer.

In Chicago alone, people rushed to stores selling tickets for the Illinois Lottery Lotto hoping that Saturday will be their lucky day. With the winning numbers being 22, 32, 34, 36, 56 and the Powerball 33, nobody was lucky enough to match all of them, hence the prize grew larger.

There were a couple of players who picked up a consolation prize of $100 by matching four numbers, but lottery officials announced that a single player cashed in a big amount this weekend.

The lucky ticket was purchased in the northern suburbs, but his prize will pale in comparison with the sum that could be won in midweek. Traditionally most tickets are bought for the weekend draw, but with the Powerball Lottery Jackpot soaring to $110 million, it will come as no surprise if the peak will be reached on Wednesday.

The enthusiasm will spill beyond borders

Whenever a multistate lottery announces that the jackpot has reached a significant amount, players from all over the nation get interested. In addition to those living in the states organizing the lottery, many others seek ways of purchasing tickets and the Internet is the place they go looking first.

Most of those who are regularly playing in the lotteries that are held in a different state have a couple of websites that they trust for this acquisition.

Those who are new to the game and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of competing for the $110 million jackpot should double check the websites where they placed the order.

Whenever the jackpot reaches a significant amount, scam artists get busy and try to take advantage of the enthusiasm of lottery players. New websites that appeared virtually overnight and have no tradition in selling lottery tickets over the Internet, are not suitable candidates and taking chances with them is a bad idea.


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