Powerball Lottery Jackpot soars to a whopping $250,000,000

Powerball Jackpot

It seems like no matter how hard they try and how many tickets they purchase, lottery players from the forty-two states hosting the Powerball are unable to win the jackpot. Saying that the huge amount of money is drawing a lot of interest would be the understatement of the month, but the millions of purchased tickets have remained so far fruitless. The winning numbers in the Saturday drawing were 59, 58, 27, 15 and 3 while the Powerball number 20, a sequence that nobody managed to unlock.

New week, new expectations

If there is one thing that lottery players are famous for then this definitely has to be their perseverance and reluctance to give up against crushing odds. They will never let unsuccessful attempts have a deterring effect on their determination, and on Wednesday it is expected for the number of acquired tickets to reach a new high. In theory, this should greatly increase the chances for one lucky winner to be $250 million richer, but the Powerball is one of the most difficult lotteries in the world.

Although it is way too early to speculate about the possibility of the rolled over jackpots to match the all-time record of $365 million, many players are already contemplating that option. Those who know a great deal about the Powerball and care to undertake a research, will discover that the largest Powerball jackpot ever to be awarded was won in 2006. Eight employees working in Nebraska at a meatpacking plant were the ones who cashed in on the record price and shared it in equal parts.

Five people are thrilled with Saturday’s result

While millions of Americans look forward for the Wednesday drawing, and think whether they should go for the annual payments or in the lump amount of $166 million, five players are already celebrating. The reason for the unbridled enthusiasm is the fact that they’ve already won impressive amounts on Saturday, by matching the five numbers. Even though they didn’t correctly predict the Powerball, four players from Illinois, Texas, New York and Florida received each $1 million for indicating the other five numbers.

One lucky winner from Texas received 2 millions for the same achievement, and the reason for why this happened is that he chose to pay the additional dollar when buying the ticket. Players have the choice of selecting the “Power Play” option when purchasing Powerball tickets, and in exchange for spending one dollar more, they will have any prize they win increased, except for the jackpot. The rest of the players have plenty of reasons to look forward to Wednesday’s draw because the last time the jackpot was not won, it grew by a staggering $36 million.


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