Powerball Millionaire in search of Soul mate

Powerball winner

A lottery win is probably the most desired way to a life of luxury and glamour. In light of this, it comes to a surprise to many when a Powerball lottery winner sought the services of online dating sites to seek for a soul mate. This is what Donald Lawson, decided to do after scooping a $337 Million jackpot from a Powerball draw last month.

With the dust from the lottery win now settled, the millionaire now seeks a “big and beautiful” lady and promises “to fulfill all the needs” of his catch. Apart from the ‘big and beautiful’ part, he expects his soul mate to be earning an annual figure of $100,000. For the limited time his profile has been online at match.com, he has already made new friends on the site.

It is quite clear that with a $337 Million fortune, finding a soul mate can’t be that hard of a task.

Still in the Powerball lottery, a Powerball lottery player became aware of his $1 Million lottery win nearly two months after the draw. This is after him, unknowingly carried around the million dollar ticket.

Andres Salgado was totally caught by surprise after finding out a lottery ticket purchased on June 25 was actually worth a million bucks. The ticket matched the first five numbers for the draw and consequently winning Andres the one million-tier prize.

This is the first major lottery win for Andres and counts it as a blessing. On how he will spend the fortune, Andre plans to invest part of the cash and mortgage payments and put the rest in his son’s college fund.


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