Put your luck to test on a daily basis with the Dailies

the Dailies

Most of those who play lottery games are satisfied with the fact that the draws take place twice a week and even more often if we think about Little Lotto. There are of course players who seek adrenaline on a daily basis and they don’t like the idea of being deprived of their chance to win every day. This is the audience that has the Dailies as the game of choice and Pick 3 or Pick 4 are the most popular dailies.

How to play Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games

It is worth mentioning that these games are also known Cash 3 and Cash 4, with the name varying from state to state but the rules stay the same. Players are supposed to choose a three or four digit number ranging from 0 to 999 or 9999 if they prefer to play Cash 4 for a.k.a. Pick 4. There are two reasons for why the dailies are favored by some players over Lotto and Little Lotto and these are better odds and higher drawing frequency.

One can play the Dailies twice a day from Monday to Saturday and once on Sundays, and there are two distinct ways to win. By playing the straight, one needs to have his chosen number drawn by the machine, while by playing the box he can win with any number that contains a combination of the three or four digits. The costs of a play slip are also lower than Lotto and in most states each play will cost only $. 50 or $1, so basically everyone can afford to put his luck to the test.

Fixed amounts instead of sums determined by pool of players

This is one important observation about the Dailies, because those who play Pick 3 or Pick 4 will not have their winnings diminished or boosted depending on how many players buy tickets. In most states there is a standard prize amount and basically if the number you choose is picked, you will be awarded $500 for a betting slip that cost $1. The payout is generous but it is hard not to notice the fact that while you have 1 chance in 1000 to win, you only get 500 times more than what you invested.

Many regard this as the only tax that people are ready to line up and pay gladly, but since private lotteries are not allowed in the United States, the state operated ones can afford to impose their rules. The players need to choose whether to go for the exact or any of the three/four digits when playing the Dailies and the decision depends on whether they place the emphasis on improving the odds or potential payouts.

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