Remarkable fiscal year for Colorado Lottery game

This year has been remarkably good for the Colorado lottery.  Since 1 July 2011 up to the end of the fiscal year June 30 the company has purchase of the tickets has been $ 545 million, said the lottery director Abel Tapai.

“We had quite a good year,” Tapai said to the lottery commission. The total sale for the online games scratch tickets were $ 364 million. This was the main boost to making the Colorado lottery do well in fiscal year. The mega million, Powerball and the match lotto ticket sales hit a total of $ 188 million.

The online jackpot brought about 70 percent profit to the Colorado lottery. This was a fantastic show that more people were now taking an interest in the Colorado lottery.

The Colorado lottery is properly modifying winnings for the scratching games, management and promotion costs and taking other action to increase individual continues to purchase the lottery tickets, he said. This will facilitate the purchases of the scratch games thus increasing the sales.

The Board Chairman said that there was a decision to getting rid of selling the online matching by 30 June, another alternative for the income flow to compensate the $ 9 million that was made in the last fiscal year.

The Director said the staff is busy doing research for the alternative online games. The new games are the ones to supplement the scrapped game by the Colorado Lottery.


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