Retailer sells Powerball lottery $1 million winning ticket

Powerball winning tickets

Powerball jackpot hits at $ 80 million jackpot by July 11. A ticket worth $ 1 million was sold at Wawa, 1549 Paoil Pike in Chester. The winning lottery ticket emerged after the July 7 draw. The lottery ticket had matched all the five white balls but did not manage to get the red ball correct.

The winning numbers were 03-05-29-39-59 and not forgetting the red ball which was 29. This made the ticket not to earn $ 1 for the second tire prize. The retailer who sold the ticket will receive an award of $5000 for having sold the ticket.

Lottery authorities cannot validate the identity of the victorious player until there is a claim for this jackpot, and the winning lottery ticket verified. Pennsylvania lottery Powerball champions have one year from the illustrating time frame of the draw to declare award from the organization.

The lottery officials encourage the owner of the successful lottery ticket to indicate their signature on the back of the ticket, call the lottery authorities at 717-702-8146. The lottery winner should  also file the claim with the of the award at their head office in Middletown, Dauphin Nation, or at any of Lottery’s seven place workplace.

The winner may make the claim at the Powerball headquarters on a weekday (Monday- Friday) from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Powerball lottery tickets are available in 44 contributing jurisdictions. The draws are twice weekly i.e. On Wednesday and Saturdays.

Pennsylvania lottery up to now remains to be the only state lottery that offers assistance to the program assisting the older residence. It has managed to contribute about $ 21.5 billion to these programs such as property tax.


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