Retired couple wins £6m UK Lottery jackpot

UK Lottery jackpot

It is never too late to win the lottery and this phrase rings true for a retired couple from Ipswich who recently won the UK lottery jackpot. Richard and Cathy are no longer in their prime, but with £6m in their bank account, they can enjoy all the things that were inaccessible to them when they were younger.

Two decades of loyalty rewarded

Richard and Cathy Brown are not a regular retired couple, as the two of them are very active and they kept their adventurous spirit alive. At the time they found out about their good fortune, they were sailing around Britain and they confessed that the voyage back home was delightful. Before retiring, the two of them used to work at a newspaper publisher in Ipswich and they have been playing the lottery for almost two decades. Back in 1994 when they purchased the first lottery tickets, they planed to buy a new 40ft yacht if they ever won the UK lottery jackpot, and now the dream has come true.

While they are still determined to replace their aging vessel, they have no intention of purchasing a bigger model, because this would make it impossible to sail together without crew. It is something that they have been doing for three decades and they don’t plan on changing anything except for the current yacht named Brave. For those who know the Browns, it came as no surprise that they chose to collect the UK lottery jackpot on board of their yacht and the media waited for them anxiously at the Ipswich waterfront.

New adventures await the Browns

To say that the retired couple is active and up to date with technology would be an understatement, but it is worth mentioning that they used an app for checking out the numbers for the first time when Mr. Brown realized that he joined the millionaires club. Cathy was next to him trying to figure out how the application works when her husband told her that they are the most recent winners of the UK lottery jackpot. This huge amount will not change their lives too much and the lucky couple plans on sailing even more, while visiting their relatives in Canada.

Their family and friends will be also looked after, especially their kids and nieces who will be the main beneficiaries as the amount is enough to last the Browns several lifetimes. They have been always down to earth people and they have bought their current yacht Brave by downsizing on their property, so it is very unlikely for them to embark on a spending spree. While most UK lottery jackpot winners choose to move immediately after cashing the prize, Richard and Cathy have no intention to leave their home in Suffolk.

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