Revenue goes towards education in the state of New York

New York Lottery

Money spent on education is the best investment and New York Lottery seems to believe in this truth. The recent New York lottery news is that a huge sum of money raised by New York lottery is utilized to support education. The New York lottery news statistics show that more than $39 billion are used for educational purposes. New York lottery happens to be the oldest government operated lottery in the United States of America. The lottery ticket costs one dollar and many varieties of lottery like Mega Millions and Powerball are very popular.

The New York lottery news puts forth the chances of winning as fairly high, approximately one in forty. Take 5, Pick 10 and Quick Draw are hot favorites as they are daily games that reveal the results on that very day. The results are declared on television due to which TRP’s of channels go up. There is also the instant lottery wherein a person can scratch a card and see his lucky lottery number. Either which ways people are indirectly contributing to education by buying these lottery tickets. The New York Lottery News has concluded that not only does Big Apple love its various lottery games, but also does a noble deed by using the money raised for education.


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