Scratch-off ticket makes dad-to-be a millionaire

Scratch-off ticket

For a 31 year old Dixon resident, the $1 million won as a result of purchasing a scratch off ticket couldn’t have come at a better time. His girlfriend is expecting a child in June and the happy couple will have enough money to ensure the newborn a head start in life. The winner is a casual player who occasionally purchases lottery tickets, but April Fools’ Day was a lucky day, as his $30 investment paid off. After taxes he will receive an amount slightly exceeding $600,000, plenty of money to allow them to focus their undivided attention on the newborn instead of worrying about money.

A great way to start the month

April Fools’ Day is hardly the best time to tell those dear to you with that you have won $1 million in scratch-off lottery, but in this particular case there was no joke. John Bates used to work in a Super Pantry shop and that’s why he chose that location for purchasing lottery tickets. He spent $30 for a ticket enclosing 4 distinct rounds, and he initially rejoiced thinking that he won $1000. Much to his surprise, the cashier announcing that the ticket was worth 1000 times more money that he expected, with the net amount to be credited to his account being $606,428 after taxation.

When asked by the media why he chose to purchase tickets that day, he confessed that he is the type of person that can’t resist the overwhelming temptation of purchasing something when entering a store. Fortunately for him, he didn’t settle for a pack of cigarettes, sweets or a soda but chose to put his luck to the test by playing the lottery. The first one to hear about his good fortune was his girlfriend, and after overcoming the initial shock and dealing with the disbelief, she congratulated John for his inspiration.

The last big prize in the scratch off game

John Bates won the last jackpot worth $1 million in the $3,000,000 Cash Jackpot and this was in fact the first significant prize he ever won in lottery games. He used to work at the station but his career took a turn for the better when he became a business analyst with Americold in Rochelle. It comes as no surprise that he decided to invest a significant part of his winnings, after making sure that his girlfriend and the newborn will be provided with everything they need.

The owner of the station where the winning ticket was won is thrilled with the fact that John Bates chose to purchase the ticket there. On one hand, manager Donna Pyse has a lot of consideration for the winner, whom she knows for a long time. On the other hand, she will bask in his glory as the lottery will award the traditional 1% commission worth $10,000 to the store selling the winning ticket.

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