Second winner of record Powerball jackpot claims prize

record Powerball jackpot

After all the hype surrounding the record Powerball jackpot, it was only natural for the media to focus its attention on the lucky winners. The first proved to be a couple from Missouri who came forward a few days after matching all the numbers and they’ve kept the front pages of newspapers for a while. Now, the second winner of a huge amount steps into the light and everyone is interested in learning more about him. Lottery officials confirmed that Matthew Good from Arizona is the latest Powerball millionaire.

One grounded lottery winner

While most people are dreaming about the manner in which they will spend the money made, this particular player has a very rational approach. The first concern that Matthew expressed was to receive a single payout as soon as possible, to avoid the potentially harmful consequences of the fiscal cliff. By choosing to have all the money released in one lump payment, he will only receive $192 million but it is not something that the winner seems to be concerned with.

What is on his mind right now is that if the Democrats and Republicans don’t reach an agreement and the taxes are automatically boosted, even more money will go down the drain. Given the fact that the amounts that he is entitled to is considerable, even the slightest spike in taxes will trigger a major loss. This explains why he is so anxious to go through all the procedures with celerity and make sure that the money shakes hands before the end of the year.

A name predestined for success

The first thing that those who read about the second winner of the record Powerball jackpot, will surely find interesting the fact that his name is Matthew Good. This is enough for superstitious lottery players to make some connections, but even for those who are rather pragmatic people this interesting detail will not go unnoticed. His success story is just as exciting, because Matthew won all those millions by investing no more than $10, and even turned down the vendor who suggested him to buy twice as many tickets.

The winning lottery ticket spent the night behind the sun visor of his car, and Mr. Good only claimed it the next day when he realized his fortune. He got in touch with a team of financial advisers, because he intends to use his newfound wealth to fuel sustainable projects. Another interesting thing is that he said that he has no intention of quitting his job, because he enjoys what he is doing and regards money as more of a formal compensation. Matthew and his wife also said that a part of the money made will be used for charity and for helping their friends and relatives.


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