Senior Citizens more vulnerable to lotto scammers

Lottery Scams

Lottery scams are nothing foreign to the lottery world. Despite efforts by security agencies, lottery players around the globe still face the imminent threat of losing their hard-earned cash to lotto scammers. A recently released report by the National Crime Prevention Council puts the number of victims of lottery fraudsters at 25 Million each year.

A large percentage of the victims are the senior citizens. Lottery scanners take advantage of the senior citizens, as they are less unsuspecting to their malicious intentions. Security agencies have received several reports of senior citizens ripped off out of the life savings by the lotto scammers.

The FBI advices the caretakers of the senior citizens to be constantly updated with the scams during rounds on the internet. It further advises the senior citizens to never send cash though an untraceable means of money transfer such as Western Union.

Onto other news, New York Lottery officials report that $37.6 million worth of prizes went unclaimed last year. The unclaimed prizes are mainly from the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games. Among the unclaimed tickets, is one $10,000 Powerball ticket that was purchased on September 2011.

Among the unclaimed tickets is also a Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $250,150. New York lottery officials urged the lottery players to check and recheck their lottery tickets to minimize the chances of a lottery prize going unclaimed.


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