Single Mum wins £1.6 Million from the UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery winner

A single mum from Essex, England is the latest UK National Lottery millionaire. Julie Styles, single mother of two matched the winning numbers in the April 14 UK National lottery draw. She was unaware of this, until a week later when she a lottery agent informed her that she had the winning number.

The winning numbers that made her a millionaire were 1, 5, 15, 22, 26 and 42. The numbers are based on her mother’s birth date and she has been playing the same numbers on each of her UK National lottery tickets.

Julie at a press conference revealed that the money couldn’t have come at any better time as she was in a tight financial state. Before the win, she had extended the hours at her workplace to make enough for the upkeep of her family. She was sure that the £1.6 Million would be the remedy to her sleepless nights.

On how she will spend her winnings, she would purchase her dream car, an Audi TT and treat her family to a holiday in the Caribbean. She will use the remaining cash on mortgage payments and the general upkeep of her family.

She will continue with her job despite her newly found fortune. However, she will cut back on some of her working hours.

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