Star Trek scratch-off tickets goes live

Scratch off tickets

Scratch-off tickets remain just as popular today as the day when they were introduced, and there are two explanations for why this type of lottery has so many adepts. On one hand, players like the excitement of scratching off the tickets to find out right away if they won something. Those who don’t have the patience to wait for a weekly draw, prefer this type of lottery and do not mind the fact that the potential payouts are significantly lower. The second reason has a lot to do with the organizers’ ability of keeping the games fresh, and the latest addition from N.C. Education Lottery serves as a good example.

Live long and prosper

Star Trek fans are probably familiar with this saying, but until now nobody made the connection between Spock’s words and lottery. If we put things into perspective and consider N.C. Education Lottery’s intention to release a brand-new type of Star Trek themed scratch-off tickets, everything makes sense. There are hardly any better ways of turning prosperous virtually overnight standby scooping a lottery prize, and the amounts awarded by this type of game make a sufficiently strong impact to qualify.

The first Star Trek scratch-off tickets will go on sale this Tuesday, and players will need to pay a flat amount of two dollars for a chance to win multiple prizes. In addition to awarding the conventional prize money, the organizers will reward the lucky winners with an all-inclusive, all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for the Star Trek convention. This event will be held in summer, and it represents the highlight of the year for anyone who is even remotely fascinated by the sci-fi universe depicted in the franchise.

Equally exciting for non-fans

It is only natural to expect Star Trek enthusiasts to jump on the bandwagon right away and purchase the scratch-off tickets, but lottery officials expect non-fans to be just as excited about the new game. They have good reasons to invest a small amount for a chance to win five jackpots worth $20,000 each and thousands of lower prizes. There is also a second chance drawing, but as stated above the prize consists of a trip to Las Vegas with both the flight and accommodation included as well as $1000 pocket money.

In anticipation of the kickoff, the N.C. Education Lottery has printed nearly 4,000,000 tickets, and the officials expect them to sell like hot cakes. They also emphasize the fact that the chance of winning the paid trip to the Las Vegas convention depends on how many players sign-up for the second chance to draw. It definitely helped having William Shatner the actor playing the iconic Capt. James T. Kirk promotes the game, but only time will tell whether this new game will meet expectations.

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