Stay Safe from the Euromillions Email Lotto scam

Euromillions email lotto scam

The only way to win the lottery is by playing, but unlikely as it might seem it is still possible to lose money without purchasing tickets. The explanation resides in the fact that over the Internet there are plenty of wrongdoers trying to scheme lottery players, and their scams are increasingly complex. Given the fact that the interest for the lottery is growing, and playing online is much more convenient, these scam artists have diversified their methods.

The Internet is a treacherous place

Most of the scams are conducted online, because over the Internet it is much more easy to conceal your intentions and identity. The e-mail is a convenient way of communicating with people that you don’t know personally, and this is exactly what the bad guys are counting on. It renders distance virtually irrelevant and by constantly improving their techniques, scam artists are very difficult to differentiate from honest people.

Most e-mail scams begin with an uplifting announcement, and the recipient is informed about winning the jackpot in a lottery that he might or might not purchase tickets for. Since the criminals can’t know for sure who bought tickets online or in traditional stores, they are taking a leap of faith with these e-mails. Don’t let some fancy names of the lottery authorities deceive you, because most of them are made up and genuine ones will not use this method to inform winners about their recent gains.

Traditional method for lottery scams

Although it might take a lot longer for the mail to reach their recipients, this is still a very popular solution among those who try to pull out a lottery scam. The advantage is that a mail seems more official and the recipient is more likely to believe that it is a genuine notification. Depending on what they hope to achieve, the scammers will ask for personal information, or urge the alleged winner to deposit money in a specific bank account. Either way, this is nothing more than a trick and those who receive direct mail notifications should double check their source and share no private data.

The telephone is rarely used by scam artists, but it is not unheard for these people to try to impersonate a lottery official. They count on the fact that the one receiving such a call with be overwhelmed by joy and will let down his guard, and share all the details that he is required. For an astute lottery player, it should be fairly easy to determine whether the phone call is fake or not, but regardless of conclusion there is no point in sharing personal information over the phone. Don’t dismiss the worst-case scenario simply because you hope the lottery win to be real, because you will quickly turn from a winner into a victim.


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