Sunrise Rotary Club launches new cash prize as Saturday night lotto players bask in their winnings

UK Lotto

Saturday night was a lucky night for the winners of the UK Lotto and Australian Lotto Jackpot winners. Two tickets matched all six winning numbers to split the £4,319,328 UK Lotto jackpot prize. But this was not the only good news for UK Lotto players; seven ticket holders matched 5 numbers and the bonus ball taking home a tidy sum of £189,860 per person. Another two tickets matches the six winning numbers in the Australian Saturday Lotto and will share the AUD $4,354,888.

In other news the Sunrise Rotary Club will be launching its new cash prize on the 22nd August 2012. This will replace its long running classic car lottery as there are not many people who want a classic car. In these harsh economic times the money would come in handy.

Over and above changing the winning prize to a cash value of 50,000 there will be a cash add on option. This option will allow players to play a secondary draw in order to stand a chance to win half the money

The Sunrise Rotary Club has decided to shorten the duration of this lottery to maintain the steam on ticket sales. The proceeds of the lottery will benefit various HIV, senior outreach and emergency youth shelter charities to the tune of $ 10,000immediately while the Rotary itself will retain $ 20,000 to support various local charities throughout the rest of the year. The aim of the cash prize is to increase lottery ticket sales and its clear it is all for a good cause.


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