SuperLotto Plus winner claims his prize

SuperLotto Plus

When the winning lottery ticket for the SuperLotto Plus was purchased in San Diego two months ago, the media was buzzing with enthusiasm. They expected the winner to step forward in the next couple days to claim his prize, as the amount was a staggering $11 million. August passed without the winner showing any intentions of stepping into the spotlight and so did September, which led to the standard questions. Just when lottery officials were starting to lose faith, and thought that another winning ticket was lost, its owner stepped forward and received the payout.

Record payout for the SuperLotto Plus

It is customary for lottery representatives to advertise all those big winnings and given the fact that the recent SuperLotto Plus winner was about to collect $11 million, everyone was on the edge. In the absence of any rock-solid information about the identity of the ticket owner, the media had to do with the limited amount of data provided by the San Diego lottery. Little was known except for the fact that the ticket was sold in the Golden Hill neighborhood and the vendor had no idea what the winner might be.

Obviously, the media were reluctant to let go on their only source and as a result, Alla Abbo who owns the Golden Hill Liquor that sold the ticket was interviewed by reporters. He gave a short interview to NBC 7 San Diego saying that for three decades they’ve been selling lottery tickets among other things but this is the first time someone wins big. The store owner told the reporters that their business is well known and liked in the neighborhood and that he hopes for the winner to be one of the local residents.

An important decision for the winner

As always, those who win a big amount in the local lottery are overwhelmed by enthusiasm and some of the winners have no idea what to do with the money. Given the fact that the recent SuperLotto Plus winner took his time and waiting for two months before stepping forward, it is only fair to assume that he has some sort of a plan. The first important decision that the winner needs to make is whether to ask for the annuity or claim the lump payment.

Most winners go for the second alternative and if the winner whose name was revealed to be Daniel Lindsey chooses the one time payment, he will receive around $6.3 million. The difference consists in state and federal taxes, as well as the amount lost in the lottery for choosing the lump payment instead of the incremental payout. While Daniel contemplates his alternatives, for the store owner there are no difficult decisions to make as he has already collected $55,000 for being the one to sell the lucky ticket.

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