Texas Lottery to start the Green Ball promo on Monday

Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery is slated to bring back the Pick 3 Green Ball promo on Monday which offers the top 3 players a chance to increase their amount by 20 percent. The promo which will start on Monday will carry on till Saturday 30th April. Playing the lotteryGreen Ball includes no extra costs for the players who will buy the pick three tickets just like they buy normal lottery tickets. The Green Ball will only apply for the Pick 3 base game & will not alter prizes for the Sum It Up add on features.

As in October 2010, this time as well, the Green Ball bonus draw will be held in the same format. 5 White balls & 1 Green ball will be placed in the drawing machine. The machine will randomly pick 1 ball at a time. When a Green ball is picked all the pick 3 prizes will be increased by approximately 20 percent. But if a white ball is picked it will be removed from the machine to increase the probability of drawing a Green Ball at the next pick. When the Green ball is drawn all the 5 white & the lone Green Ball will be reloaded into the machine for the next pick to happen.

The odds of Pick 3 ranges from 1 in 167 to 1 in 1000.the probability of finding the Green Ball ranges from 1 in 1 to 1 in 6 depending on the number of White balls present in the drawing machine at the time of the pick.

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